Scarab 25.4

Narrator:  Meg McMillen

Original Chapter

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  1. warren peace says:

    @4:45 or so: when you say “camahdrey,” which isn’t a word, I presume you meant “camaraderie?” That would be pronounced ‘kom-ROD-ah-ree.’
    Ugh, I hate how such great performances of yours–I’m not exaggerating, there’s a lot you do extremely well–but your performances are constantly marred by these elementary errors, which you could have prevented very easily if you had done even a LITTLE bit of preparation. It’s so frustrating to listen to.
    @41:00: “dilinated” buildings? I have no idea what word you intended to say here, nothing I can think of makes sense in context. Delineated?

    And how do you get “Sumurrah” from Simurgh? I’m aware that there’s an agreed upon pronounciation guide for all the main characters, is there a reason you elected to ignore that? Same goes for Eidolon…

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