Scarab 25.4

Narrator: Roz Rae Powers

Original Chapter

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Hi, I'm 27,currently studying an English literature degree. I have two great passions in life; reading and acting
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6 Responses to Scarab 25.4

  1. warren peace says:

    @4:45 or so: when you say “camahdrey,” which isn’t a word, I presume you meant “camaraderie?” That would be pronounced ‘kom-ROD-ah-ree.’
    Ugh, I hate how such great performances of yours–I’m not exaggerating, there’s a lot you do extremely well–but your performances are constantly marred by these elementary errors, which you could have prevented very easily if you had done even a LITTLE bit of preparation. It’s so frustrating to listen to.
    @41:00: “dilinated” buildings? I have no idea what word you intended to say here, nothing I can think of makes sense in context. Delineated?

    And how do you get “Sumurrah” from Simurgh? I’m aware that there’s an agreed upon pronounciation guide for all the main characters, is there a reason you elected to ignore that? Same goes for Eidolon…

    • Kit says:

      Omg again! I hope you work here man… if you don’t you’re just such an asshole hahaha

      • Warren Peace says:

        Hello Pot, sorry you don’t like the color of the Kettle. Why would I have to work here to be allowed to make any sort of criticism? Or are you objecting to my tone? In that case, why would working here make that okay?

        Anyway, in the two years since I wrote that, I HAVE come to regret my tone in comments like this one. What would you have me do about it exactly? You seem to have read my previous comments also, so you should already know that I’m a huge fan of this audiobook, and it’s precisely that love for it that makes these mistakes so awful to hear, they blow up my suspension of disbelief. You should already know I left at least as many comments praising things that stood out as great as I did complaining about things that stood out as bad.

        If you wanted to level a better criticism, you could have said “while your comment has an element of constructive criticism to it, your tone undermines the constructive part.” That’s actually what happened. Instead, you just sound like an asshole.

    • Emarco says:

      For the record I think your comments are great, constructive criticism is so important to someone trying to improve their skills at anything, the benifit of which surely outweighs any detriment possibly caused by sounding a bit harsh in the delivery.

      You say Meg could have done some preperation to prevent the mispronunciation, though how would someone know they are mispronouncing something if they’ve been saying it that way their whole life? What sort of preperation could she have done outside of getting someone to listen to her recording before posting?

      On that last point though, it sure does surprise me that there wasn’t some sort of proofing system conducted by the audioworm team before chapters were posted.

    • Spark says:

      Yeah I wholeheartedly agree. The mispronunciations are plentiful and pretty awful. Not trying to be offensive but common words like “militia” being pronounced as “muh-leeta” in one of the chapters was particularly annoying and I have to really struggle to get through your chapters, as much as I love the series. If I could offer some constructive criticism it would be to try to employ timing and pacing, some voice inflection to give the words context or added value. There’s honestly alot of things but I don’t want to come off as simply abrasive. I’m very thankful for the work that was put in but compared to the quality of the other chapters these stand out as pretty awful in general and would’ve thought the team would’ve given them a listen and found and corrected these errors.

  2. Nick says:

    Sadly i cant help but agree with most pf what warren has said, granted it could have been said a bit nicer but at the end of the day doing something for free doesny give you the right to do it poorly. Your chapters could have been done by someone eho would have been more careful to do the part justice. All of these mistakes and random awkward stops and solences that everyone has complained aboit from the start only serves to pull everyone out of the immersion of the story and ruins the experience. These performances ruin the reputation of yourself and the project and all because of simple things you could have and should have fixed considering you are a self proclaimed english major.

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