Sequel Announcement!

Ward, the sequel to Worm, is being released and has just entered it’s 4th Arc!

In equally great news: I’ve begun a new audiobook project for this sequel!  I’m handling things a little differently this time so I hope you’ll continue to listen and enjoy!

You can read Ward at or listen to the audiobook at


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5 Responses to Sequel Announcement!

  1. Wave says:

    You the MVP Rein!

  2. Ben Farnum says:

    Will you still be accepting volunteers for the sequel? I’ve listened to worm and I would love to contribute!

  3. Jordan Neel says:

    I would love to contribute as well!

  4. Mandolin says:

    I’m so obsessed!! A friend suggested it and now my partner and I are hooked! Sooo good

  5. Noah says:

    You and all of the volunteers that have helped are amazing people. Thanks

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