Scarab 25.3

Narrator: Roz Rae Powers

Original Chapter

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Hi, I'm 27,currently studying an English literature degree. I have two great passions in life; reading and acting
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5 Responses to Scarab 25.3

  1. warren peace says:

    You know, at some point it doesn’t matter how good a performance you do, how much feeling and emotion you put into the reading to give you that verisimilitude, when you pronounce some words so far wrong that it’s either gibberish, or worse, you’re saying a completely different word.

    *Hyperbole: pronounced ‘high-PURR-buh-lee’
    *The worst was Quadraped (correctly pronounced ‘KWAH-druh-pedd’) which means having four legs and four feet. You said quadrupled, which means multiplied by four, which is a totally unrelated thing.
    *I assume that by “varend” you meant “variant”: vare-EEE-ent

  2. warren peace says:

    You’re an undeniably talented performer, you just need to be diligent when preparing for a chapter. Read ahead, take note of any words you might struggle with, and look them up BEFORE you start recording!

    Also: Counting coup is pronounced counting ‘koo’

    • Kit says:

      Are you paying for this? Dude I made this acc just to tell you to shut the f up lol. Disgustingly rude and pretentious comments from you. Record your own audiobook hahaha

      • DJJax says:

        It’s called constructive criticism, mate

      • Emarco says:

        “Disgustingly rude”… what? warren peace didnt insult Meg at all, quite the opposite infact, he complimented her. Wouldn’t you want someone to pick you up on mispronunciation? Or would you rather continue embarrassing yourself in the future by remaining in the dark…

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