Scarab 25.5

Narrator: Roz Rae Powers

Original Chapter

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Hi, I'm 27,currently studying an English literature degree. I have two great passions in life; reading and acting
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7 Responses to Scarab 25.5

  1. Richard says:

    Audio balancing in this chapter needs fixing. Had to turn my volume almost all the way up to max, and then almost blew my ears out when the chapter finished and my next podcast started. It seems to get progressively quieter over the course of the chapter.

    This has happened with a few of Meg’s chapters but it was particularly bad in this one. The narration should not be quieter than the intro!

    • Rein says:

      Agreed. If I somehow manage to get some free time soon I’ll fix that.

    • warren peace says:

      The intro/outro has been louder than the reading in every chapter so far, the issue is just more extreme in this one. The fact that it gets quiter as it goes on exacerbates the problem.

      Meg- “Marquis” is not pronounced Márquez. See the pronounciation guide on this site for more details.
      Props on reading Moord Nag’s lines in Afrikaans though!

      • Snowskeeper says:

        Not that pronouncing “Marquis” as “Mar-kwis” and “Chevalier” as “shev-ah-leer” isn’t also wrong, but at least it’s wrong in the way the author intended

  2. farelyempathetic says:

    the butchering of the name simura (simurgh) is somehow more upsetting to me than of edolion (eidolon)

    apart from that and the way the start and the end of the chapters are loud enough to burst eardrums, meg’s chapters are okay to me, as a reader.

  3. Markus says:

    Jesus fucking christ this is so low. I have max speakers set to 200% and I can barely hear what the fuck she is saying.

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