Hive 5.9

Narrator: Snagger

Original Chapter

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2 Responses to Hive 5.9

  1. Rafinius says:

    The filters are too strong. Lung really doesn’t sound like anything here.
    I have to admit though that doing this right is really hard. Have you thought about asking anyone else how they’d deal with such problems? Professional readers or the hpmorpodcast guy or some relevant subreddit maybe?

    • warren peace says:

      Granted I haven’t listened to more than the first couple chapters of the HPMOR podcast, but what I heard wasn’t especially impressive, this one is higher quality IMO. Does HPMOR get better?

      Also, the mispronunciation of “giantess” every time ought to be fixed, it’s so far off it distracts from the flow, as it takes me several seconds to figure out what you meant. Its not “ji-an-TESS-is,” it’s “JI-en-tess-es.”

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