Hive 5.7

Narrator: Snagger

Original Chapter

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4 Responses to Hive 5.7

  1. warren peace says:

    Are you sure it’s “oh-NYE” Lee, not “oh-KNEE” Lee? In my head it was the latter, but I don’t have a WoG or anything on the proper pronunciation.

    • Max says:

      Oni is a type of Japanese demon or spirit (what Oni Lee’s mask is based on), and you’re right about it being pronounced”oh-KNEE”. Of course, there’s always the chance that wildbow prefers to pronounce it differently than the Japanese word, but I think it’s more likely that Snagger just pronounced how he thought it looked and was off the mark.

  2. WasGreg says:

    I applaud Snagger for putting in the work to dynamically reading so much, but Snagger ofttimes has unique pronunciations.

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