Snare 13.6

Narrator:  Meg Jacobs

Original Chapter

About megjacobs

Hi, I'm 27,currently studying an English literature degree. I have two great passions in life; reading and acting
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3 Responses to Snare 13.6

  1. Sven says:

    I really like your project. Keep up the good work! However, you may want to consider increasing your narrator “skill requirements”. I’m a foreigner and some of your Interludes were incomprehensible to me (especially some of those A-H in ch 11 ), I actually went and read them for a change, even though it took me like forever 😀 . It also might scare off new listeners…

    On a different note, you forgot to update the table of contents 😉 Not that big an issue I know 😀

    Btw. are these comments meant as a way to contact you or can we also use them to discuss the story itself? I’d love to see what other people think might happen, but so far there haven’t really been any comments at all 🙁

    Again, I really love your work, I wish I could contribute but no one including myself would like to listen to me I’m afraid 😉


    • Rein says:

      Hi Sven, thank you for the feedback!

      I agree that some of the Interludes have been sub-par. There are a tremendous number of Interlude chapters so unfortunately for the time being I take just about everyone I can get. I fully intend on getting some of them re-done by different people later on. I have my own opinions on which ones should be replaced, but if you would point out the ones you think should be re-done it would be a big help.

      As for the comments, people have typically been using them as a means of contacting me (in addition to emails or using the Contact form). You can definitely use it as a means of discussion, but I think that the majority of listeners are via the podcast so not many people would see them. Alternatively, you could post about recent chapters in the /r/parahumans subreddit which is quite active. Just be careful there, some people are really bad at using spoiler tags.

      Thanks again for the feedback 🙂


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