Shell Interlude 2

Narrator: Græg

Original Chapter

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2 Responses to Shell Interlude 2

  1. Rafinius says:

    The dog feeling was very well read. But Grue/Bitch sound the same. Other than that there seem to be some weird fluctuations in the volume. All in all it was good though.

    …With all this criticism I give I start slowly feeling obliged to make my own interlude. I’ll see if I find the time.

    • Rein says:

      All help is greatly appreciated 😀

      I’ve been looking forward to this chapter for quite a while, and I’ve had this guy in mind since the project first started. His personality is just perfect for reading the part. Overall the recording itself was good with very little editing needed, although the volume changes were very strange. I did my best to even them out, but it was almost like his mic would randomly change the input volume for a few seconds at a time. I’ve never seen anything like it.

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