Hive 5.1

Narrator: Snagger

Original Chapter

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3 Responses to Hive 5.1

  1. Rafinius says:

    Snagger, did you buy a new mic? Because this one’s sound quality seemed much better than that of your last arcs. Reading was well done too. Thanks!

  2. Snagger says:

    It is the same mic. Since the last arc I have learned how to block out some of the background noise and a couple other small things that apparently have added up to it sounding better. Glad you enjoyed it 🙂

    • Rein says:

      Just a note: for some reason clicking reply in the email notification doesn’t actually bring you to the comment reply function. You actually need to click “Reply” on a person’s comment to reply directly. A bit of a pain.

      Also I agree with Rafinius, the latest chapters have a notable increase in sound quality. What have you started doing differently?

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