Queen Interlude 3

Special Full Cast Production!

Jessica Yamada – Kaylin Peachey
Staff Translator – Tsuki
Head Nurse – Zigsmash
Sveta – Lindsey Schick
Clockblocker – Crispy
Weld – Rein
Flechette – SunshineLammi
Miss Militia – Tsuki
Kid Win – Ranku
Vista – Lyre
Eidolon – Mitchell Peyton

Coordination and Editing – Rein

Original Chapter

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12 Responses to Queen Interlude 3

  1. MTC says:

    This format is so much better. Hopefully it can be done more often.

    • Rein says:

      I’m glad to hear you liked it! I agree that it does have a much better feel to it. Unfortunately getting this chapter done took me at least 40 hours of work over 3 months so it really just isn’t feasible when we have hundreds of chapters to cover. Plus, most chapters don’t have the fairly even character distribution that this one has (not that it’s required, but it does make for a better flow).

      There is one more chapter that I’m working on doing a full-cast production for though, and it should air in a little over a month (rough estimate off the top of my head).

  2. Repnak says:

    This episode was excellent. The sound quality on almost every voice was great. The acting was good, too.

    Sadly it can only be done for special occasions. I guess even if it was your (Rein’s) job to do these you couldn’t manage more than 1 chapter a week because the actors don’t do this full time. At that pace the whole project would take years. I don’t think you could reasonably keep the same voice actor for Tattletale, Skitter (and every other characters that stay in the novel for a long time) over that time period.

    Thanks for all the work you do!

    • Rein says:

      Thanks! I really wish it could be done every chapter as well, but as you said it just wouldn’t be reasonable. Even one per week would be an unmanageable pace as just this chapter alone took about 3 months and dozens of hours just to coordinate.

  3. Lord d'Orléans says:

    Heya! It’s me, back again. Lapsed in listening for a time, then just caught back up.

    I just came here to say that this entire thing was totally awesome. Major props to Kaylin Peachey, SunshineLammi, and Mitchell Peyton. I really got the sense that these guys gave it their all. Peyton did an excellent Eidolon, in my opinion. SunshineLammi made her Flechette sound so real. And Kaylin was just overall excellent.

    Everyone on this did great, of course. But those three, in my mind, stood out. I’d love to hear from them again at some point.

    Thanks for doing this, guys. It helped make a long drive feel so much faster. I actually wanted the drive to go on a little longer so I could finish this chapter. Well, to be honest, I’ve come to enjoy long, boring drives now, since I can often listen to you guys on the way.

    Keep being awesome you guys!

    • Rein says:


      I’ve asked Mitchell to send me some samples of the Eidolon interlude so I can see if he can pull off the more excited feel of it. I *really* hope he can because I thought his Eidolon was perfect.

      I’m definitely going to try and get SunshineLammi to do more work for us if I can. I actually found her through a request on /r/RecordThis as a last-minute replacement!

      As for Kaylin, I’m not sure if we’re going to be able to get much more of her time, unfortunately. She’s a personal friend of mine so I know how overloaded she is with working full-time and just recently starting up grad school. I’m sure if I asked she would do it, but I’d rather not add to her already heavy workload unless I really need it.

      • Lord d'Orléans says:

        Fair to hear. I hope to hear more of SunshineLammi and Mitchell in the future, if you can get them.


        Keep being awesome, you guys.

        • SunshineLammi says:

          Thank you ^-^ You just made my day! Which is not good because I should be sleeping and I’m now more awake :p

          Now to get better audio quality…

  4. KangSameda says:

    Lindsey did a /fantastic/ job. Unbelievable

  5. KangSameda says:

    Sunshine too

  6. geegeemachine says:

    Wow Eidolon or Mitchell Peyton’s voice is excellent and very fitting for the role! Great work everyone!

  7. David Stephen says:

    This was absolutely phenomenal. Thank you so much for the work you’ve put into producing the worm audiobook story. Got my dad and friend listening to it too and they’re loving it. Congrats man!

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