Queen 18.4

Narrator:  Meg McMillen

Original Chapter

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  1. Warren Peace says:

    What a chapter. Nothing about it sood out at first, except for the one problem that permeates so much of this project: so many lines are about serious, grave matters, and yet they’re incongruously read with what sounds like a smile and good humor. Maybe it’s harder than I imagine to read with more gravity?

    Anyway, once you get past that, Ms. McMillen’s performance of Noelle’s speech at the end was AMAZING! Easily the best reading of the book yet. It was nuanced, and spot-on for what I think the character would sound like. Meg somehow conveyed No as being unhinged, going from insane to apologetic to fatalistic and back again, hearing it was truly chilling. Amazing work!

    It’s staggering, seeing how much potential there is here, once all the simpler problems get worked out. ?.

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