Queen 18.1

Narrator:  Meg McMillen

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3 Responses to Queen 18.1

  1. warren peace says:

    So I guess homonyms are near impossible if you’re not a native English speaker. Now that I think about it, plenty of native speakers foul them up all the time too. Really the only way to get them right is to read A LOT of English.

  2. Dollopy says:

    I assumed she was Irish, off her accent… Which would be a native english speaker…

  3. Drogho says:

    Holy shit. Why does she. end her sentence. every time she. skips a line.

    Who reads like that? It’s almost worse than having someone with a speech impediment read the Interludes.

    I dont have any problems with her accent, just the weird pausing in the middle of a sentence pisses me off. Super confusing to think the sentence is over and then she says some wods that seem to make no sense. Then I realize the sentence wasn’t supposed to be over, but goes on. Now I can’t listen to this in the background because it get super confusing and distracting having to peice together where the ends of sentences go instead of going by ear

    Can I volunteer for some rereads?

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