Monarch Interlude 2

Narrator: Explanation Point

Original Chapter

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4 Responses to Monarch Interlude 2

  1. Ross says:

    Excellent interlude, cool effects on the audio messaging tech.

  2. Matt says:

    Jay mumbles too much. I can barely understand half the things he says. He needs to learn to enunciate.

    • JayJ says:

      Wow, haven’t been here for so long.

      You’re completely right! Looking back on this has me so disappointed in myself, haha. It sounds as if I was scared to speak loudly.

  3. sol says:

    I didn’t have too much trouble understand what you were saying. While some of your lines could have been clearer, and the reverb on Colin’s voice was a little heavy, I love what you came up with to separate each character, and I love your dialogue between Colin and Dragon. They all sounded right to me.

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