Snare 13.8

Narrator:  Meg Jacobs

Original Chapter

About megjacobs

Hi, I'm 27,currently studying an English literature degree. I have two great passions in life; reading and acting
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4 Responses to Snare 13.8

  1. Miserable says:

    Why is Meg doing all the work lately? Give the poor girl a break, people!

    • Rein says:

      That’s just how we work. Each person does a whole Arc so that we can have multiple Arcs being recorded simultaneously. She actually had most of these chapters recorded weeks ago 🙂

  2. Yggdrasilon says:

    I really appreciate you guys making these audio books its really cool of you and if you don’t mind ill throw some constructive criticism out there. First thing i noticed was it is sometimes hard to tell when there is a scene break. Second the difference between thoughts and speech. Third thing is that some parts haven’t been fully edited so when the Voice Actor flubs or w/e its left in the recording (this is typical throughout the entire project thou so not that big a deal). Finally but the least important is the accent slurring some of the words and names breaking up the flow making it hard to process whats going on. All of these things together made me have to re-listen to some parts in the chapter a few times to grasp whats going on. Beyond those minor complaints i have really been enjoying the work you guys have put into this.

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