Infestation Interlude H

Narrator:  Mekenna

Original Chapter

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3 Responses to Infestation Interlude H

  1. Scobberlotcher says:

    its pronounced “mar-key”, it seems there are multiple readers that don’t know that one. education system has gotten baaad.

    • Rein says:

      I actually never knew there were multiple legitimate ways to pronounce it until this project. Mar-kwis is a legitimate pronunciation in New England and is the one that the author agreed would be how it is pronounced.

      Other legitimate pronunciations I discovered: mar-key, mar-keys, mar-kwis, and mar-cuss.

  2. Fictionerd says:

    The more I see of Glory Girl the less I like her. Just something about the way she made her comments at the end of this coupled with her simultaneously proving every fear Panacea ever had true pissed me off but royal. Good job on the original author if that’s the effect they were going for and good job on you folks at the Audiobook project for this entire thing. Without it I doubt I’d be able to take the deep-dive into the story I have.

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