Extermination 8.2

Narrator: Rein

Original Chapter

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3 Responses to Extermination 8.2

  1. Matt says:

    You’re voice gives a wonderful gravitas to Legend’s speech. Very well done. That said, you may want to look up the pronunciation of some of the words. Aquifer, Parian, Behemoth etc. If it’s a name it would make sense that everyone will pronounce it a little differently, but those in particular are English words with already established pronunciations. Dictionary.com has a button that says the words aloud.

    • Rein says:

      Thanks for the feedback! I don’t know why, but I’ve always read Aquifer with an extra “i” (aquifier), which it turns out isn’t an actual thing! So I have no idea where I picked that one up. Parian I felt like I might be pronouncing wrong, but for some reason never thought to google that one like I usually do. I may have accidentally used a bad take for Behemoth. I thought I had pronounced it like this (http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/behemoth) but may have slipped up and made the “hee” sound more like a “heh.”

      Anyway, thanks a bunch for pointing these out to me. I’ll add them to the Pronunciations page right now!

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