Tangle Interlude 1

Narrator: Tsuki

Original Chapter

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5 Responses to Tangle Interlude 1

  1. Dareno says:

    Good idea to have that sound effect for Dragon! Did you do that in Audacity?

    • Rein says:

      Thanks! I still do a lot of experimenting with editing effects in Audacity and I’m really happy with how this one came out. The process for it was just Reverb then Equalization with the Telephone preset, then amplifying a bit since the process would make it too quiet.

  2. warren peace says:

    I hate to criticize, since it’s not like I’m doing any work around here…so please try to take this as constructive criticism. Besides, there was a lot to like about this chapter, so just because I’m not focusing on that stuff doesn’t mean it’s not there.

    I didn’t like the reading of Dragon. The sound of the voice and effects was good, but it sounded unnatural, as if Dragon was unfamiliar with a lot of the words she was using. I’m not sure if it was the cadence, or flow, or if those things are even different. But Dragon would obviously be visualizing everything as she described it, whereas the reader sounded like she was focusing on each syllable, not on what the sounds MEANT, what they stood for. Does that make any sense?

    • Rein says:

      Thanks for the feedback! Don’t worry, giving constructive criticism is a job that has been rarely filled throughout this project, so yours is greatly appreciated. Your comments are actually pretty spot-on for this. My wife is the one who did the reading for this chapter (and the other one you didn’t like, actually :P) and acting is not one of her strengths, much less doing voice work while sight-reading (due to time constraints she was unable to practice it). This was still quite early in the project so I was using anyone I could get my hands on to do readings for me, and unfortunately for my wife she’s very close at hand ;P

      I had actually completely forgotten about this chapter, so I’ll make sure to add it to the list of ones to redo once we finish! Once again, thank you for the feedback!

  3. Lillian says:

    I love the voice affects that were done for Dragon’s voice! I also really love this narrator’s voice in general!

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