Hive 5.3

Narrator: Snagger

Original Chapter

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3 Responses to Hive 5.3

  1. Rafinius says:

    Hey! Have you seen this: already?

    Also, a suggestion to make the ending less jarring. Could you add something similar to the opening after the end? Just say some words so we know it is really over. Just a “This was Worm chapter x.x by Wildbow, read by [name]” would suffice but any comments after that would also be cool.

    • Rein says:

      This is actually something I’ve been thinking about for a while, although making it a bit more lengthy and informative than your example. We’re going to work something out though and I agree; it does leave you kind of wondering if the chapter is done or if it’s just a very long dramatic pause.

  2. warren peace says:

    Ha. I agree the little closing section is a nice touch, but I can’t help but laughcringe at the speaker’s pronunciation of Wildbow!

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