Speck 30.7

Narrator:  Rein

Original Chapter

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  1. nugget says:

    poor taylor

  2. Phill Gaston says:

    None of this would have been necessary if literally every group wasn’t trying to advance their own goals over ensuring humanity survived. Deep down, I think the original Entity that formed into Scion found what it was seeking, even though Khepri cheated to make it happen.

    It was trying to mold humanity into something worthy through conflict, and while they were detached, and their ends are usually wrought through conflict and cruelty, forming a people who could unite in the face of the greatest feasible adversity they could face was the point and it happened.

    The fact it took an omniscient, omnipresent body-jacker controlling 99% of all existing capes in a coordinate hive-mind attack was only because this iteration of humanity wasn’t really meant to survive. If she didn’t, they would have consumed themselves in petty squabbling and its unlikely the cycle would have even been able to continue due to the other entity’s fate.

    it was technically humanity’s last chance.

    I know a lot of people think it wasn’t necessary because everything could have been accomplished through teamwork, but they didn’t even *have* teamwork, and they had even less time. The key CUI members that got taken by Khepri were the difference in the creation of the finishing weapon, and they were content to let all to humanity die.

    If they’d lost even a single key cape even amongst those from the CUI, it may not have even been possible despite going though these extremes. Losing Zero would have delayed the weapon indeterminably. Not having the number man co-ordinate would have drastically lead to her attacks being ineffectual.

    And for her sacrifice of her mind and body for the ability to save them, they deemed her a godling, a monster beyond redeeming, despite having the ability to crush all unopposed and not doing so.

    And they shot her for it.

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