Venom Interlude

Narrator: the Snickety

Original Chapter

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4 Responses to Venom Interlude

  1. warren peace says:

    Oh no! I’m all caught up, I need the rest of the chapters now! I’ve read the story through three times now, and I’ve been quite enjoying just listening. I feel like Contessa without her power to guide her. What else am I going to do?

    While I’m waiting, I think I saw that HPMOR has an audiobook project as well…

    • moe says:

      HOLY SMOKES!!! The HPMOR podcast is like my favoritest thing ever!!!

      • Snick says:

        Glad you’ve been enjoying audioworm, warren!
        I found out about worm from an HPMOR meetup!

        Moe, The HPMOR podcast is very good, and I was thrilled to hear Brodski, the guy who put it together, as a special guest here in audioworm a few arcs back! Love these audiobooks!

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