Cockroaches Interlude

Narrator:  Crideout

Original Chapter

About Cryden

I'm a freshly-trained voice actor who's just starting out. I've always had a love of reading and am currently writing a novel myself.
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3 Responses to Cockroaches Interlude

  1. Warren Peace says:

    Tough chapter to draw! You got through the Simurgh POV okay, and that looked like the hard part. I felt some of your other voices were hit and miss, but Teacher, for one, you absolutely nailed. Most of the protecterate as well. Nice work!

    I feel like you got better as the chapter went on (or perhaps I got more used to your style). By the end I was just caught up in the story, everything just sounded natural.

  2. Dogman the Wolf says:

    This is a great chapter, but… “Birg cade.”

  3. Snowskeeper says:

    What’s the recording for Arc 29 chapter 3 doing here?

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