Extinction Interlude Addendum

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  1. warren peace says:

    I can’t agree with the way you guys did Scion’s voice, here or when he first names himself in an earlier chapter. Is there something in the text that suggests something like this? Because IIRC he speaks in barely a whisper, as if his vocal chords have never been exercised (which they haven’t).

    • warren peace says:

      Ultimately, I think him speaking in a soft whisper is much scarier and creepier than any mundane scary or creepy effects you can layer on the sound

      • Rein says:

        I definitely understand your perspective on this as his voice is not how the text describes it elsewhere (hoarse, as if never used). I felt this was something I needed to take some creative liberties with due to the unnatural presentation of the chapter. In text a 5 word chapter can have a huge impact because you can re-read it repeatedly, but in audio it only has *one* chance to make that same impact and so special care must be taken with the presentation and delivery. I wracked my brain on this for months and this was the best translation I could come up with.

        • warren peace says:

          I guess you recorded it all the different ways, and on listening to yourself this was the best sounding option? I guess I can take your word for that being the case, even if I can’t imagine it. Without having done the work myself, I know my imagination isn’t a 100% accurate simulation.

          And of course, thanks for everything you’ve done here! Everyone has been very open to hearing my [intended to be] constructive criticism, so I haven’t been shy to leave it. I try to balance it with [genuine] constructive compliments as well, hoping they do balance!

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