Crushed Interlude 1

Narrator:  Crideout

Original Chapter

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4 Responses to Crushed Interlude 1

  1. Frustrated says:

    Why does the narrator keep calling him Cavalier? This is almost at chapter 250 of the story.

    In fact, why are most of the narrators so bad at pronouncing names or change the pronounciation compared to earlier chapters? Did they not bother to listen to the other chapters?

    But I suppose it caps off the narration of this arc. So many incorrect, skipped or mispronounced words.

    • Rein says:

      You’re preaching to the choir. I spent a bunch of time making the pronunciation guide and reminding people about it and literally no one used it.

  2. Iskander Mamedov says:

    Still not as infuriating as PanAcea

  3. nugget says:

    lets not forget edol-ee-on

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