Scourge Interlude 2

Special Full Cast Production!

Answer Key – Sunshine Lammi
Antigone – Elec0
ArchmageEin – Edgar Preen
AverageAlexandros – Crispy
Bagrat – Crispy
Brilliger – Josh Taylor
Brocktonite03 – Kevin Roberson
Bruce Lao – Omer Nevo
Chaosfaith – Bramflakes
Char (aka Charlotte) – Ellen Cantor
Chrome – Edgar Preen
Coyote-C – Ranku
Ekul – Evan Peat
Good Ship Morpheus – Minkinoid
GstringGirl (aka Sveta) – Lindsey Schick **NOTE** I accidentally credited Lindsey by her maiden name Ellis in the previous full-cast Interlude.
Laotsunn – Brandon Peterman
Laser Augment – Crispy
Lasersmile – Antioch
Lolitup – Nico
Mac’s Dual Rocket Propelled Grenades – Elec0
Miraclemic – Travis Smith
Miss Mercury – Book Bunny
Mock Moniker – Antioch
Mr. Fabuu – Edgar Preen
Nod – Catharrrsis
Nondeceptive – Amelnik7495
Procto the Unfortunate Tinker – Shenmage
Reave – Edgar Preen
Robby – Brian Bristol (Soundcloud) (Atheist Apocalypse Podcast)
SenorEel – Catlover2011
Sothoth – Leoano
Space Zombie – Ranku
TheGnat – Joey Z
Tumbles – Crispy
TRJ – Fishbreath
Valkyr – Brian Bristol (Soundcloud) (Atheist Apocalypse Podcast)
Vista – Sunshine Lammi
WagTheDog – Sunshine Lammi
Weld – EatZelda_ShitAwesome
WhedonRipperFan – Mark Richmond
Whitecollar – Alicia
White Fairy – Veya
XxVoid_CowboyxX / Greg – Rein
Xyloloup – Mark Richmond

Parahumans Online System Voice – Lyre

Coordination and Editing – Rein

Original Chapter

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  1. Listener says:

    Thank you for your great work!

  2. stripe says:

    absolutely incredible work!! thanks so much for all your effort, audio team!!

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