Colony Interlude 3

Narrator:  Meg Mcmillen

Original Chapter

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Hi, I'm 27,currently studying an English literature degree. I have two great passions in life; reading and acting
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  1. Lord d'Orléans says:

    Yush! finally caught up. After weeks of listening to this in my free time and on my daily drives to school, I finally caught up to where the audiobook ends.

    Now, the question i: do I read the book words like a man, or continue to bask in the work of these excellent readers? Because I appreciate this project. It got me to try Worm when all of my friends were all enthused thereabout but I was hesitant. So, here I am, wanting to see where else this story can do (Jesus Christ, it’s only half over but still so much has happened, and I got no idea what comes next!), yet also wanting to pay you folken patronage out of a sense of respect and gratitude. If only my mic didn’t have an odd static effect in the background, for then I’d lend you folken a hand.

    Also, lots of Megs sees to work on this project. Chiefest Meg amongst them is you, Miss Jacobs. Seriously what is your accent, Miss Meg? Is it French-Irish? It baffles me. I mean, you had heart, but it was so hard for me to understand the arc you did, and so fast spoke that I found myself having to read the book proper to grasp the meaning of what you said. Sorry, ma’am.

    To NSPB, you’re awesome. Your dour manner is great, your enunciation understandable, and the effort you put into making everyone sound a bit different does my heart well. Although I tend to have the crank up the volume mighty loud to hear you, since you’re so quiet, it feels. Thank god my car’s stereo, crap that it is, goes to 11.

    Regard Snagger, I got nothing to add. Well, save that I started out with you, I liked you. Then you vanished. I was sad. But your work is my baseline for Worm audiobook whereagainst all other narrators are judged. I still picture Taylor as forever sounding like you. She will never have a woman’s voice to me.

    To Rein. Sorry everyone else, but I think I like him/you best. It’s mostly the clear way of speaking plus your focus on making everyone sound so different that I can pick up on who’s speaking more easy. For most people here, I sometimes have trouble understanding /who/ is speaking unless there’s a saidism or whatever after a line of dialog. You? No, you do fantastic. There’s yet the matter of your heavier edits to give the characters move oomph should the story call for it (such as Skitter’s bug voice or Grue’s shadow voice). Much love. I miss your narration. No offense to the rest of this hard working crew.

    And since I’m here, I might as well speak about this guest, this other Meg. Good, concise, understandable. But yet another person with an accent I can’t quite place. How curious. Sorry, I’ve little more to add. It was competent and easy to listen to, and I suppose that’s what matters most.

    I hope you all keep up the good work, since this is great fun to listen to as I go on a morning hike or jog or a car ride. It’s been great so far, and I’m looking ever forwards to more.

    • Rein says:

      Thank you very much for the feedback, I’ll make sure to pass it on to the others who might not see this. Snagger and I are still around, but with the number of chapter readers we have now we just don’t show up as often. You can look forward to us re-doing the first few Arcs in the near future as well as my next Arc which starts up in a couple weeks 🙂 and Snagger’s next one which is Arc 19.

      There are a lot of ways to support us and one of the best is simply spreading the word and getting more people to experience this awesome story! If you want to support the writer (J.C. McCrae aka Wildbow) beyond getting more people to read/listen to his story, the Donate link at the top of the page goes straight to his donation page.

  2. Meg says:

    Hi, thanks for the feedback, I recently legally changed my name from Jacobs to mcmillen so this is the same meg that did arc 13. So sorry that you couldn’t understand me, I will make a better effort in future to speak more slowly and clearly, also I’ll work in on how to differentiate the characters if it helps? I born South african but now live in Northern Ireland, so my accent is a bit weird. Anyway hope you enjoy the story, it’s fun to record and be a part of 🙂

    • Rein says:

      I was curious about both of those things myself 🙂

    • Lord d'Orléans says:

      Huh. You’re an ex-Afrikaner? How curious. Love those guys. Reminds me of how on one forum, I got a reputation as the “Boer guy” because of my extensive knowledge of Afrikaner history. The Irish part, though. Irish-Afrikaans. It’s actually kinda awesome.
      Seems to me, though, like your accent is getting more understandable. Still, a part of the issue could be on my end. I got me a mighty strong Southern accent. According to some friends, I sound like a plantation owner. Sometimes even Yankees are hard for me to understand, but them’s the works.

  3. warren peace says:

    I admit I’m not certain how to pronounce Eidolon (I always assumed it was eye-doh-lawn) 7isbut I do know it isn’t ah-doal-ee-en.

    • Rein says:

      It’s actually pronounced eye-doe-lun. If you’re interested in other pronunciations you can check out the Pronunciations page on the site.

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