Snare 13.2

Narrator:  Meg Jacobs

Original Chapter

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Hi, I'm 27,currently studying an English literature degree. I have two great passions in life; reading and acting
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3 Responses to Snare 13.2

  1. warren peace says:

    First off, I think Ms. Jacobs does an excellent job reading dialogue, she adds a realistic inflection that makes it sound real, alive and not just read.

    I understand she has been criticized due to her accent in the past. I don’t necessarily agree, but even so I think that’s a fairly minor charge. However, failing to learn a major character’s name beforehand? Come on, Meg! It’s Mel-ISH-uh; Mel-EAT-ah is an obvious guess.

  2. Squiffy says:

    Megan referring to Sierra as Saria is frustrating to me, she’s literally looking at the name written down and still butchering it

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