Snare 13.1

Narrator:  Meg Jacobs

Original Chapter

Sorry for the late post! ~Rein

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Hi, I'm 27,currently studying an English literature degree. I have two great passions in life; reading and acting
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4 Responses to Snare 13.1

  1. Alethiometer says:

    If you’re reading this I recommend to just manually read this arc, the entire thing is read by Meg, who I’m sure is a wonderful person and everything but her stuffy audio, broken cadence and thick accent will drill a headache into the most patient saint.

    • warren peace says:

      The reader’s accent isn’t all that bad overall, though there’s an unfortunately large number or words that she simply can’t say correctly or even resembling correcrly. For example, symmetry is not cemetery, color is not collar, and I am completely lost when she tries to pronounce Sierra. But other than those and other instances where I have to deliberately focus on using context to deduce what she apparently said, her accent isn’t an issue to me.

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