Snare 13.1

Narrator:  Meg Jacobs

Original Chapter

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7 Responses to Snare 13.1

  1. Alethiometer says:

    If you’re reading this I recommend to just manually read this arc, the entire thing is read by Meg, who I’m sure is a wonderful person and everything but her stuffy audio, broken cadence and thick accent will drill a headache into the most patient saint.

    • warren peace says:

      The reader’s accent isn’t all that bad overall, though there’s an unfortunately large number or words that she simply can’t say correctly or even resembling correcrly. For example, symmetry is not cemetery, color is not collar, and I am completely lost when she tries to pronounce Sierra. But other than those and other instances where I have to deliberately focus on using context to deduce what she apparently said, her accent isn’t an issue to me.

      • Kerserv says:

        Not just that, along the arc there are many other examples.
        Some words were understandable, but it took mental effort to piece it together.
        I listen to a sentence, and then have to do active mental work to understand a word while the reader keeps reading the next one.
        Like “Boone-saw” instead of “Bonesaw”, “Greh” is “Grue” and so on.

        Sometimes I had to rewind and re-listen several times in some places to fully understand what’s going on. like how “Snit” is “snout” , “groond” is “ground”, and many I don’t recall right now. I just couldn’t understand it without the text.

        I don’t want this to look like a personal attack, or like I’m poking fun at someone for having an accent, I know I do, but I would like to listen to an audio book read by myself.

        I just couldn’t understand this part of the audio book.
        Maybe it’s because I’m not a native English speaker, or because my accent is different than her’s.

        I know that it’s probably unreasonable to expect a re-record of this arc. And it must suck to read this criticism after you made a lot of effort to record it all. But like I said, it’s not just about me not liking this, I just couldn’t listen to this.

  2. Snoot says:

    Gee folks. She just has a mild Irish (I think) accent. Like, it’s fair if people aren’t able to understand it, especially with (American) English as a second language, but she’s pronouncing things “correctly”, just in a different dialect. And I guess I’m lucky enough to understand the accent but her cadence sounds entirely fine to me.

    As a voice actor I just feel super bad for her because I think she did really really well. Obviously not professional-quality but she’s not a professional, completely understandable. It’s just too bad that some folks are having trouble understanding her accent.

    Its no ones fault I guess!

  3. stripe says:

    Ooh yes the Irish lady again!! So glad she gets to read a full arc!! First time I’ve been properly excited about the return of a particular narrator, and so nice to know Worm is loved by more than just Americans haha

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