Infestation Interlude C

This chapter has since been re-recorded.  The new version is now the one in the media player and on the podcast.  If you want to find the old version by Joekuli you can do so HERE.


Narrator: Shenmage

Original Chapter

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12 Responses to Infestation Interlude C

  1. Rein says:

    I’ve deleted daaamn’s post due to it being unnecessarily inflammatory and I’ll attempt to translate the feedback in a more civil tone.

    In general, daaamn disliked joekuli’s performance and felt that it was too difficult to understand due to mumbling and slurring of words that rendered many parts incoherent.

    • Joekuli says:

      Thanks, I kind of ignored his comment, but understood where he was going, if he happens to come back to see to the comment field heres my civil response.

      Dear daaamm,

      Thank you. Yes this is a rough reading because the general scheme of his particular chapter had a lot of action and this was my very frist attempt at audio reading. I struggle to figure out the tempo the piece should be at. I’ll take your comment in feedback.

      Though just to point out in the original comment you drug me down, degrading me and dishing I shouldn’t attempt audio reading again. Sir, everyones beginning is rough and no ones perfect. Not even the great Samuel L. Jackson. I’ll take your comment to the chin and retry again to further my practice in reading.

      Thank you again and have a good day.

  2. JokerRico says:

    I didn’t Mine it. The only two Criticisms I have is Maybe Upgrade your Microphone if possible for better quality Audio and When Speaking talk with a little less enthusiasm keeping and Slower and Calmer tone while reading. I think with those two things in mind there isn’t a problem

  3. orrian says:

    English isn’t my first language and this chapter is too fast and slurred for me to follow. I had to skip it.

  4. SkittersDAD says:

    I also had to skip this one. Frankly it grated a bit. Any chance for a re-record with a better mic, slower and less exuberant reading, less mistakes and actually taking time to swallow a bit during punctuation?

  5. Justin says:

    Agreed this needs a rerecord. I cant understand half of it

  6. GoatKing says:

    Does anyone know if there has been another recording? I suppose not being so long ago…

    • Rein says:

      I have another recording for this chapter done by someone else, I just haven’t had the time to upload it. I’ll do so right now so that I’ll stop forgetting. If you check back in a little bit it should be the new one.

  7. Joekuli says:

    I was going to attempt to record a do over, but I kost access to the other site. Sorry everyone i really wanted to try again.

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