Infestation Interlude B

Narrator: Ranku

Original Chapter

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3 Responses to Infestation Interlude B

  1. NormalPigeon says:

    This one really needed a second take. A flub or two is understandable, but this guy was tripping over words every couple sentences.

  2. Cthulhu says:

    I’m very appreciative of this audio book project, but I kind of wish they stuck with Rein for the whole thing. Some of the interludes drop to questionable levels of quality.

  3. AristoTTL says:

    There have been a few less than stellar narrators so far, but this guy is far and away the worst of them all. With how often he stuttered and fumbled over his words, he was nearly incoherent. Not worth listening to, had to read the chapter on the site itself. 0/10

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